Rent a cottage in Kosterhavet national marine park

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Do you want to rent a beautiful holiday house situated on an island  in the midst of the national park? For prices and availability please contact

Koster Islands, or Kosterhavet National Park is a paradise off the Swedish West Coast. In the region of north of Bohuslän.

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There are several paradise-like Swedish West Coast islands. One unique paradise are the  Koster Islands, or Kosterhavet National Park. Rent a beautiful holiday cottage situated in the midst of the national park. Close to hiking paths . The closest beach is only xx meters. Bikes and xx

For prices and availability please contact

More about Koster :

  •  Two-hour drive up north from Gothenburg.
  • Enjoy a beautiful ferry ride from the coastal town Strömstad.
  •  Experience a life style that reminds many of us of our childhood.
  •  long lazy days in a nature setting that seems to be from a Swedish summer fairytale book.
  •  natural beautiful protected landscape , a rich marine life and a unique ecosystem.
  • Beautiful coastline, clear waters, cliffs and rocks by the ocean shores, and the sandy beaches.
  • Impressive cliffs along the coastline.
  • Experience a shrimp fishing tour and join a fishing expedition.
  • Buy and enjoy Koster shrimps (Kosterhavets räkor), it is a delicacy.