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What is Go Nature Market
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What is Go Nature Market

Go Nature Market is a platform for small Swedish businesses, or as we call them “hosts”, to test out their unique products, holiday packages, outdoor activities, services, adventures, and such. Our goal is to provide guests with sustainable, unforgettable, authentic, and intimate experiences.

The problem is that for a product to be successful, there must be enough interest and people willing to pay for it. On the one hand, a product must be developed first for people to take interest. On the other hand, to develop a product takes a lot of time and resources. If no one is buying the product, then the effort is wasted. It is difficult, if not impossible, to predict the demand.

Go Nature Market provides a place for small local business to easily test out their ideas. As well as, make it easier to find useful information about local destinations in English. Go Nature Market features local, small, and family-run businesses that offer the best sustainable things to do in Sweden. You can, for example, find places offering food crafts, nature activities, exciting accommodations, historical and cultural experiences, and much more!

How you can help the small local businesses

Help our hosts to develop and improve by either sending an inquiry or sharing the product or page. By sending an inquiry, you are showing that you are interested and want to order or book. Our hosts would then get back to you with more information and confirmation. By clicking the share button, you are telling the host that you find the product or package intriguing, but maybe not yet ready to order or book.

The Swedish countryside has a lot to offer! That’s how Go Nature Market started. Eva, Mike and Iwona all work with sustainable Swedish tourism. One day in a group chat they realized that many small rural businesses don’t have the opportunity to show what they have.

Mike remembers a conversation he had with Malin and Magnus, the owners of a countryside hotel. He thought the activities you could do there is both fun and you get to learn something. So, he asked Malin and Magnus, “Why don’t you combine the activities with an overnight stay and dinner into a package deal?”. They replied, “Well, most of our guests come because of our farm hotel. We have never thought of that maybe there are people that would come for the activities or food. We also don’t have the time to make such a package.”

This is why when you plan a round trip in Sweden, make sure to follow our stories, tips and products and packages on Go Nature Market. If you are planning a motorhome holiday, check out Eva’s best travel guide for local areas. We want to offer you unique, sustainable, genuine, quality, and personal experiences that you can enjoy with all your senses.

How does Go Nature Market work

Go Nature Market is a place for hosts to try out their products, experiences and packages. They would create the basics of a product to see if it is interesting enough to get orders or bookings. If many are willing to place an order or booking, then the hosts would expand and refine their product to be properly promoted and such. Think of Go Nature Market as a beta tester.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the product, package or experience doesn’t exist yet. The products use resources that the hosts already have in place. So, when you send an inquiry, our hosts will get back to you with further information and instructions on how to buy or book. The products, packages and experiences are not hypothetical, they are real.

Therefore, you will find unique, innovative, and fascinating local products, experiences, and holiday packages only on Go Nature Market. If you are looking for exciting adventures in Sweden, then you have come to the right place. Our hosts are the true hidden gems in Sweden, especially on the Swedish countryside.

To be on Go Nature Market, the product must:

• Be exciting and unique.
• Be sensible and realistic.
• Be sustainable.
• Be of quality.
• Use resources that are readily available.
• Address some sort of trend.

Many products and experiences we have actually tried ourselves, because we want hosts that are passionate and care for what they do and offer to their guests. We want the products and packages on Go Nature Market to eventually be adjusted and completed. Therefore, our hosts should be proactive and enjoy the process.

Go Nature Market is a part of Go Nature Trip. Go Nature Trip is a network of companies that have been collaborating for more than 10 years. For instance, we support each other to test new ideas and to develop services and products, outdoor experiences and activities. If you want to read more about who we are and what we want to work towards, also see gonaturetrip.com

We listen to our guests and have over the years learned what they want to experience. In addition, we actively participate in the development towards a sustainable tourism.
Above all, we share the view that preserving natural and cultural values ​​is an important factor in the development of the emerging Swedish small-scale rural tourism sector.
Go Nature Market and Sweden’s nature invites you to an active, pleasant and responsible Swedish holiday.
We feature the unique experiences and travel tips for your trip in Sweden.