About Go Nature Market

The Swedish countryside has a lot to offer!

If you are looking for exciting adventures in Sweden, it is not that easy to find useful information in English. This is the purpose of Go Nature Market. We would like to tell you about the hidden gems in Sweden, especially on the Swedish countryside.

We feature local businesses and small family-run farms and resorts that offer the best outdoor activities and fun things to do. You can, for example, find places offering food crafts, local produce, and historical and cultural experiences.
This is why when you plan a round trip in Sweden, make sure to follow our stories, tips and products on Go Nature Market. As well as, if you are planning a motorhome holiday, check out the best travel guide for local areas.

We want you to enjoy unique, genuine and personal experiences. We want to offer you quality premium adventures that you can enjoy with all your senses.

Go Nature Market is a part of Go Nature Trip. Go Nature Trip is a network of companies that have been collaborating for 10 years. For instance, we support each other to test new ideas and to develop services and products, outdoor experiences and activities.

If you want to read more about who we are and what we want to work towards, also see gonaturetrip.com

We listen to our customers and have over the years learned what they want to experience. In addition, we actively participate in the development towards a sustainable tourism.

Above all, we share the view that preserving natural and cultural values ​​is an important factor in the development of the emerging Swedish small-scale rural tourism sector.
Go Nature Market and Sweden’s nature invites you to an active, pleasant and responsible Swedish holiday

We feature the unique experiences and travel tips for your trip in Sweden.