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About Go Nature Market

Go Nature Market is a platform for small Swedish businesses, or as we call them “hosts”, to see if their products, experiences, packages and such are interesting enough for the guests to be further developed. By ordering or booking, you will be helping them to create even more exciting things! Our goal is to provide guests with sustainable, unforgettable, authentic, and intimate experiences. As well as, make it easier to find useful information about local destinations in English.

Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” features Go Nature Market

We are happy that the local newspaper “Aftonbladet” featured Go Nature Market, tip number 4, in an article about top travel tips after the pandemic based on one of our Top Tips.

The Top Tip was written by Eva who went on a genealogy trip to find her roots in Sweden after being inspired by a guided genealogy experience on Go Nature Market. She tells her story and gives suggestions to others who might be interested in a genealogy tour.

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Memories from Go Nature Market

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“Visiting Ödevata was inspirational. There is much to explore and discover. Loved the setting, the casual fine dining event in the green house, the aquaponics and the hospitality.”

– Cathy Olofsson from Gothenburg via Go Nature Market