Slow walk in Skatön nature reserve, locally produced outdoor food experience included

Price from: 1,995kr

We’re setting out to the Skatön Nature Reserve, where a day of tranquil hiking awaits.

Picture this: a delightful morning snack atop Skatberget, locally produced salmon lunch at the edge of the reef Skatrevet, and a private chef outdoor dinner on the beach.

 The region exudes an air of calm seclusion, a haven punctuated by a handful of lease cabins nestled on one side of the island.

This expedition is tailor-made for those at ease with a 5 km trek, featuring intermittent stretches that offer just the right touch of challenge. Our pace
is gentle, tuned in to the rhythm of nature.

Please note, this adventure isn’t designed for adrenaline seekers or fitness enthusiasts.

Ideal for intimate groups of 2-10 wanderers, ready to embrace the magic of the Skatön experience.

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Experience a piece of the Virgin Coast with Söderhamn’s incredible archipelago!

Experience a one-day hike in Skatön Nature Reserve.  A great way to see a piece of the picturesque region of Hälsingland. In addition, the hike  offers a nature archipelago  encounter without the need for a boat.

Included in the hike is a feast of locally produced food and treats from the esteemed Rådhuskonditoriet, hot-smoked salmon from Skärså Rökeri, and an outdoor dinner
with our very own outdoor chef.

Your company on the path is Malin Åhman, author of the Pilgrim series and Per Elmefors, outdoor chef, entrepreneur, tai chi teacher and active at the maritime search and rescue team. 

Skatön Nature Reserve and Skatberget

Southeast of Söderhamn lies the Skatön Nature Reserve. The reserve provides a sweeping panorama from Skatberget, towering at 32 meters above sea level. The sandy beach beckons for a dip in the brackish water. In continuation  the trails wind through wind-sculpted primeval forest to the reef with fields of pebbles and massive, tumbled stones.

Skatön Nature Reserve, (also see the description on Visit Söderhamn), is a captivating outdoor area located on the geographical border, where the land has been both above and below sea level after the ice age. This unique setting allows you to trace scratches on the rocks and find fields of pebbles on the reef. It’s easy to imagine how even during Viking times people of the time used  this path as a trade and pilgrimage route between east and west.

The area is typically serene and secluded, a realm of untouched nature except for a few lease cabins on one side of the island. It’s perfect for a meditative hike in the embrace of nature.

A Pilgrimage for the Soul

We walk with humility before the serene beauty of nature, taking ample time to discover stones, flowers, and scenic viewpoints.

The pace is relaxed and attuned to the surroundings. This journey is perfect for those comfortable with a 5 km hike, with some sections offering a bit more challenge. The challenge lies in the final ascent up the rocky slopes of the mountain, which is fairly steep. Please note that the path over the stones isn’t smooth, so sturdy footwear is a must.

This journey is not for those seeking a fast-paced physical challenge or a fitness workout. The focus is on savoring nature and recognizing the connection between nature and our inner selves.

Culinary Delights on the Trail

All you need to bring is weather-appropriate clothing.

Your hiking experience includes a treat of homemade refreshments from our cultural café Rådhuskonditoriet (Café Rådis), in central Söderhamn, lunch featuring salmon
smoked in Skärså, just a stone’s throw from the trail, locally produced beverages, high-quality local drinking water, and coffee roasted locally.

As the evening draws in, we conclude with a dinner over an open fire on the beach, prepared by outdoor chef Per Elmefors from Savour Outdoor. (Per has
participated in the Swedish Championship in Outdoor Cooking and worked at prestigious establishments like Stadshuskällaren in Stockholm before choosing
the embrace of nature.)

How to Get There?

You can reach the hike by train to Söderhamn Station, where you’ll be picked up by us.

If you have your own car, we’ll meet you at the bridge over Svartsundsrännan to Skatön Nature Reserve.

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Shipping Policy

A $500 deposit is required at the time of registration.

Payment in full due 30 days before departure or when booking if you book the last 30 days.

Refund Policy

Cancelling your retreat up to one month before the retreat, 50% of the trip price is refundable.

Cancelling within the last 30 days will result in a total loss of funds.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

Events can be reschedules due to bad weather in agreement with the customer.

Events that require a certain number of participants can be cancelled by the host and then give a full refund, excluding the registration fee.