Våraskruv lake fishing package

Price from: 695kr

Våraskruv fishing – package with boat, equipment and lunch pack

Pike and Perch boat-fishing for family
or friends in Våraskruv nature reserve with lunch pack. (Appr. 10 km from
Vidinge Gård)

Price from 695kr, depending on size of the group, more info below.

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Pike and Perch boat-fishing for family or friends in a nature reserve with lunch pack.
(Appr. 10 km from Vidinge Gård)

Våraskruv nature reserve offers a stunning cultural heritage in a scenic environment.
Old grazed meadows full of flowers and old gnarly oak trees round up the walk down to lake where the boat awaits you.

Next to the lake there are picnic tables available. Marked walking paths around the lake and through the meadows waits for you if you want to take a fishing-break or if you
want to split up and share the boating time in between yourselves.

There is only one boat in the lake, no bridges or cottages so you will actually be all on own on the lake. Since there has been no net fishing for decades there are plenty of perch and pike in the lake and some of them of respectable size although the lake itself is quite small.

All this included :

Fishing permits, maps and information
Boat rental (steady rowing boat with oars)
Fishing rods rental spin- and/or coarse rods, lures and worms (lost lures and leader charged)
Equipment pack (life jackets, anchor, landing net etc.)
Lunch pack: Large lunch toasts (topping as desired) smaller toasts for the kids, drinks, thermos flask with coffee or tea, water bottles and something good home-baked.

2 adults 2 kids  995,-      3 adults    1095,-
2 adults 1 barn  895,-     2 adults      895,-
1 adult 2 kids     795,-     1 adult         695,-
1 adult 1 kid       695,-     crash-intro 500,-

If you are beginners or newbies to angling we offer a small crash-intro at Vidinge Gård before you take off with the most important information, test casting on the lawn and some useful advice. Appr. 30-40 min incl breakfast toast an d coffee. Only 500,- for the whole lot.
(Pls set expectations right. You won´t learn everything about fishing in a lifetime so watch this as a neat kick-off to get you going)

The rowing boat is steady with double decks and has got three rows of seating.
It is approved for up to five people. The size is suitable for up to three people spin fishing simultaneously.

Equipment, picnic basket etc. are to be returned at Vidinge Gård at the end of the day.

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