Excursions, Swedish traditions and shop locally

After many years as a Swede living abroad, it become increasingly more important to explore local Swedish traditions. To feel at home away from home seem to be a human need.

With major events such as our children’s christening I looked for something unique. It had to make sense and tick many boxes:

  1. I love outdoor and I looked for a stunning nature spot.
  2. For us it was more a name giving ceremony but at the same time I wanted it to be part of my heritage and culture.
  3. I also wanted to create a long lasting link to a place if for my children one day decided to explore their heritage or need a safe place to land.

For baptism number one, we choose drag our family, friends and a retired priest to our small plot in Gunneryd in the beautiful landscape of Östra Vätternbranterna in the county of Jönköping. My husband’s uncle, a farmer, let us use his family farmstead to throw a christening party.

Christening number two, for the youngest son, took place on a summer pasture in Furudal, Dalarna. My friend Gunilla, a resident in Furudal made it possible for us to become a part of an outdoor Sunday sermon. It was an amazing feeling. A beautiful summer day with family and friends, but also the local community, taking part in our son’s baptism.

I am back on Swedish soil since many years but to re-integrate I needed to reconnect. One important way has been seek out some of the my childhood traditions and create new memories. It is clear, that after a life-time of being part of a global community, the feeling of belonging is important.

Shop locally find about more about Swedish traditions

Maybe I’m a little eccentric, but I’m always looking for meaningful activities in my spare time. I want to learn something new, meet and talk to a friend or a local resident. After many years of traveling in other countries, I definately enjoy to explore Sweden.

Shopping in a one of the large international fashion chains or in a busy commercial center is a necessary evil. Instead, I like to shop when I on my way to explore Sweden.

I love to combine shopping with some stunning hiking. It is also often the case of ending up in a place and realising that I forgot to pack some good hiking boots. When you shop at a small local shop ask for tips on hiking, beautiful creeks and forest rivers. They know the places.

Shop in the village of Furudal

Why do I shop in Furudal?  Mainly because one of my oldest friends, Gunilla, lives and runs her shoe store in Furudal. I also cherish the memories I have from my son´s christening. Perhaps equally important I love everything that is not predictable. A shoe store with Spanish design shoes in Gunilla’s summer garden provides inspiration. I also like Retro clothes, not only because it is environmentally friendly but also because clothes made years ago seem to better suit both work and flair. Visit Gunilla in her shop or even better contact her. She will for sure give you advise on which vintage fashion to look for to create the perfect outfit.

A few summers ago, I was looking for clothes with pockets for all the tools, pens and keys that I run around in when we receive motorhome customers. 
In Furudal and the surrounding area, there are plenty of “retro shops” and “at-home flea markets”. I definitely have to take the time to explore and try to go there when they have one of their annual flea market “for-a week”- initiatives. It is not often you can go to someones home and there is a full fledge second hand market in the garden. A perfect opportunity to talk to a local.

If you are interested in vintage fashion , retro products and the history of products and trends there are several places to visit in Dalarna. Ask Guidekullor, the local guides for a virtual or in real life tour.

If you are interested to visit flea markets or retro shopping in other parts of Sweden you will have no problem to find a village of a farm with a small retro shop. If you have Swedish ancestry it is a nice trip. Follow the traces of your relatives and learn about the Swedish lifestyle through the decades.