Swedish outdoors, a way of living

Swedish outdoors is a way of living. The Swedes have a very special connection to outdoor activities . When I was a child, we spent most our time outdoors playing in the woods. We were keen acrobats climbing to branches and hang upside down from our knees. Especially fun was challenge each other to perform gymnastics. Some of the movements we managed to master I doubt that the children of today would even try out. Perhaps only in an advanced physical education class. 

The school yard was heaven for a child looking for adventures.  The hillside and  cluster of cliffs, situated just across from my middle school , became a skiing slope in the winter and in the summer we tumbled down any which way we could. A fun challenge was to come over one’s fear and slither down from different cliff sides.  Just to see where we landed. The school soccer pitch, made of gravel stones, was used for ball sports in the summer and skating in the winter.  So perhaps it is not surprising that my generation and those a bit older are still looking to do outdoor on their free time, together with friends and family.

Boule an increasingly popular and fun outdoor activity for all ages

The Swedes born in the 50ths, 60ths and 70ths are accustomed to the outdoor activities being season dependent. Back then we had snow in the south of Sweden. As the Swedish weather is becoming milder the boule sports are growing in popularity among lovers of outdoor and team sports. The boule playing season is prolonged by several weeks and more and more boule pitches are being built in parks, outdoor recreation areas but also on countryside resorts. 

Our generation still like a bit of a challenge and we enjoy the sense of being in a competition. We are used from our childhood to be divided into teams or pairs, sometimes with friends and other times with just another a kid from the block. To take on a challenge, team-wise, can be a source of frustration. Nevertheless and more often it is pure joy when the collaboration aspect of the activity kicks in.

Boule in Småland – a Go Nature Market treat.

The farmstead Hemma på Hult 

Hemma På Hult is a beautiful and historic farmstead with eco cottages, a shop with artisan Swedish delicacies and handicraft. They also have a café and a fine dining on the farm concept. You have to try their home-made sausages or their “three course family and friends dining” event. 

The farm is located in nature and surrounded by protected nature areas such as nature reserves, old growth forests  and the biosphere reserve Östra Vätternbranterna.

The farmstead itself has a long history, there has been people living on the farm since early 1500 and some of the buildings are from that period. That is why the farm is listed and protected. 

Chatrine and Johan, the owners, latest project is to build a boule pitch on their beautiful and lush land. Check out how to book and enjoy boule on the farm. 

Kingdom of Crystal and boule

Further south in the Kingdom of Crystal there are also several places where you can enjoy boule. If you are looking for a place to park your motorhome overnight or stay overnight you have several options.

Boule in Badhusparken Nybro, Småland