Birthday celebration Swedish Countryside

Birthday celebration on Swedish Countryside

Perhaps a big celebration is coming up? Why not plan your anniversary or birthday celebration on the Swedish Countryside.

Perhaps, you approach one of those birthday that you perhaps have dreaded a bit. The big 40´s, 50´s or even it is your 60´s birthday knock on the door.

Age is just a number, at least that is how I feel

I have a big birthday coming up. Well, true-fully it is my 60ths. I do not feel old and the child in me is saying that it is time to play, and have fun. Back in the days I used to travel a lot, I lived in abroad for 18 years and I got involved in many crazy projects and ideas. With time I got a bit more careful but it is now time to revert to my old self.

For some time now I have started to reconnect to people from far back. People that has crossed my path at a certain time of my life. People I shared fun moments with. I went through a photo album and found photos from the trip to Portugal and the party that I organized with a group friend for the end of the school year. I might have lost contact with some of them and eventually started to roam the social media to find them.

Out there in the world there are friends, lovers, collegues. family and relatives that play or, at one part of my life played a crucial part of my life. There were so many moments of great discovery that I shared with them

So My birthday is coming up

In my family we do not celebrate every birthday, midsummer or anniversary. I celebrate Christmas mostly because it is important to my mother-in-law. But once in a while, for some occasions we go for it. Such occasions where our wedding and our sons baptism. We usually try to do it our way and break away from traditions.

The place, let´s go wild on the Swedish Countryside

Ödevata countryside Hotel is one of my favouite places in the world. The gardens, the nature and the friendly and authentic atmosphere. I go there as often as I can. I have followed their fascinating story from a small resort to a fantastic outdoor and Eco resort that is showing us all the way.

The owners Malin & Magnus are part of my network GoNatureTrip but more important they are dear friends. Ödevata is the resort of my choice to celebrate with my friends and family. It is indeed a great playground for alla ages. I love the idea to combine party with outdoors and beautiful nature which should be enough to convince people from all over the world to turn up. I mean who would say no to the following treats

  • Sauna on the raft in the middle of the lake.
  • Walk in the woods and pick flowers for the dinner table.
  • Explore the lake Ödevaten in a canoe or a kayak.
  • Enjoy a swim in the lake.
  • Go fishing. If you catch one perhaps you can grill it on a Kon-tiki grill
  • Help Malin with some garden work . The kitchen gardens are beautiful.
  • Read a book in the aquaponic green house.

One idea I have is to dance the night away. The first evening disco time and pizza night.There are several outdoor pizza ovens in the different outdoor kitchen at Ödevata. There will be salads as well and if I am lucky I can buy from the local Ödevata produce. They have a small agricultural community on the site.

There is no restaurant at Ödevata but there are several kitchens and a big breakfast and dining room. For refreshments and drinks I will definitely figure out drinks based on local fruits and extracts a true “Småland on the Rocks”. There is a great local company Sjöborgen that provide drink mix and syrops that is based on flavors from the woodlands in the vicinity of their farm and their own kitchen garden

The hotel and the apartments

In the countryside hotel there are 3 double rooms with bathroom, 1 double room with an extra bed. One double room with shared bathroom, 3 family rooms for up to 2 two adults and up to two extra beds, 2 single rooms. In the hotel you will find 2 kitchens with fridges and cooking facilities if you need a night snack.

Then there is “Axelssons Gröna länga”, three eco apartments with 4 beds (2 bed rooms), sitting room and pantry.

Ödevata is a breakfast is included in the hotel accommodation. The breakfast is a real joy with eggs from the hen house and vegetables from the aquaponic greenhouse or the kitchen gardens.

As we rent out motorhomes I am also planning to drive some to Ödevata if the hotel gets fully booked. At Ödevata the motorhome parking pitches are right by the lake on the parking place right below the hotel building

At Ödevata anything can happen. Just enjoy and be happy! Let´s go Wild on the Swedish Countryside

Birthday celebration Swedish Countryside