Get your own Kon-Tiki and make biochar in your backyard

With a Kon-Tiki make biochar in your backyard! In addition you can easily create a nice bonfire or outdoor cooking treat for your family, friends, or guests. Start to produce biochar and at the same time, socialise around a bonfire or a barbecue.

Malin and Magnus at Ödevata Countryside Hotel, manufacture, in a small-scale and mainly by order, and sell Kon-Tikis for those who cannot find a place to have them made. Magnus has designed and manufactured the Kon-Tikis, based on drawings from the Ithaka institute led by Hans-Peter Schmidt. The Institute developed a special barrel for farmers and foresters to easily produce large amounts of biochar in and around the everyday operations. They named this design Kon-Tiki. They have shared their Kon-Tiki drawings.

Magnus manufactures them in Ödevata´s own workshop. It’s a real craft that takes its time. But it’s worth it. They really, really want to contribute towards saving the world. If you want to learn more, test a Kon-Tiki and get personalised instruction. Book a learning holiday!

Biochar is a climate-positive soil improver. It is a wonderfully rewarding and sustainable addition to your garden. There are at least 60 different uses for biochar. 

Celebrate that we can change the world 

The Go Nature Trip/Go Nature Market network want to introduce Swedish ways and traditions to our guests. Nevertheless, we also want to challenge our Swedish ways and try to renew and innovate. One priority for the last two years has been to renew the tradition of celebrating Valborg. How can we in different countries make our bon fire celebrations more sustainable? We have the solution. Having a small fire in your backyard, street or local cul-de-sac with family and friends is more fun and more vibrant. 

Join us online for 2024!!! You are invited!

So light a Kon-Tiki, gather your garden twigs, your prefered bunch of people around the bonfire and produce biochar at the same time.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In addition to natural and economic resources, we also need social resources to create sustainable well-being. Yes, we can save the world without compromising our good sense of humor ”- Michelle Söderman, Ödevata co-worker

Go Nature Trip/ Go Nature Market celebrates Biokol Valborg 2022

We  met at Ödevata Gårdshotel to celebrate “Biokol Valborg” for the second year in a row. 

Key player during the day was Mike Li from DigitalHandyman who handled the streaming and the entire online event. A big Kudos to Mike for his tremendous stress resistance and kindness. He works with a gang that most of us were born after the “entry of streaming” . You are welcome to laugh with us for all the technical mishaps and our clumsiness in front of the camera. But even better, help us spread the message and improve and spread how to celebrate around a bonfire in the coming years . We are already planning for Biokol Valborg for 2023.

Malin, Michelle and Mike starting the streaming

Also present were Malin and Magnus who run Ödevata and Michelle Söderman who is studying to become an aquaponics engineer and she is doing her internship at Ödevata. Eva Oscarsson from Skanditrip Premium Motorhome Rental traveled in from Gothenburg. She is the one who usually throws on twigs on our GoNatureTrip fire with the motto “otra vuelta – heja heja “.

Online, via zoom, we connected with farms and other resorts  that all produce Biokol in different ways. See below and the clip from the online event.


Learning and inspiration, with a Kon-Tiki make biochar in your back-yard!

We really got to test the thesis that it is possible to be inspired by creating pleasant moments. Michelle Söderman also became a teacher during the day. A group of  international students had joined us for the day. They study sustainability in the Southern Swedish county Blekinge.

They asked many questions to Michelle who writes:

The event  called “Biokol Valborg” is a concrete example of how learning and teaching can be more fun by creating an unforgettable positive memory. The whole event was a great success due to the students’ eagerness to listen and be inspired. Sharing answers and discussing possible solutions to save the world through biochar would have been boring if the discussion, for example, only covered the parameters and scientific terms that govern biochar technology. The students had fun making pancakes, mingling with the other guests, and listening to fun and practical explanations of biochar and its properties. The event’s grand finale was the whole group’s song presentation about saving the world the  Ödevata way  to the tunes “Old Mcdonald had a farm”. We laughed, sang songs, met new friends and had a lot of fun joking because we all know that it’s not a joke to save the world.

Ödevata had a dream, heja heja på
In that dream they saved the world, heja heja på 
With a Kon-Tiki here and a Kon-Tiki there,
Here a spark, there a flame, everywhere Malin´s voice.
Ödevata had a dream, heja heja på
Ödevata had a vision, heja heja så 
And in that vision they changed their ways, heja heja så
With Aquaponic here and a Kont-Tiki there,
Here a plant, there biochar, everywhere Magnus welds
Ödevata had many guests, heja heja få
And with the guest they changed the world, heja heja få
With an insight here and inspiration here,
Here a dream, there a team, everywhere a dream-team
Ödevata had many friends, heja heja så 

If you want to join us online 2023 contact Mike Li at

Farms and resorts that participated via zoom
Anna-Karin Swärd och Ulf Hultqvist, Våneviks Gård
Margareta Jonsson och Liselotte Johansson, Lisesgården
Ingela Johansson, Bottnansmåla Gård
Erik Malm och Mathilda Muul, Jordfabrik Koster
Chatrine och Johan Schander Ljungquist, Explore Småland
Christin och Bertil Börjesson, Fagereke
Carina och Leif Larsén, Spetsamåla Gård
Familjen Michael Ohlsson, Vimmerby.