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Why not go on an active and educational family holiday in nature! Discover the wonders of a family learning holiday and come to Ödevata!

Combining a holiday with an active and learning component is a win for the whole family. You get to spend time together, have fun, and everyone gets to know something new.

To attract all family members, our slogan is – Explore never ending fish, things grow without soil, black gold, waterfalls, forest, fire, water, and darkness…

Offer valid until April 30, 2021

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Going on an active family learning holiday in Sweden will help your children to understand the world around them more. In the classroom, facts and figures can feel boring. Children are much more invested in science or history when they get to experience it for themselves.

In the Swedish countryside, there are many places that offer opportunities for an active and educational holiday. For example, hiking in dense forests to learn more about nature, fishing to learn about animals or visiting the countryside to learn more about sustainability.

Some families go on holiday to unwind, while others long for activity and adventure. Whatever you decide on your next holiday, consider adding a learning component to your trip to enhance your children’s experience. This will not only promote curiosity, but they can also learn a thing or two about the world around them that they would not have learned otherwise in school. Going on a family learning holiday isn’t just for the kids, the parents could also gain some new knowledge. All whilst having fun and spend time together!

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About Ödevata

We, Malin and Magnus, are passionate about change and work tirelessly to make Ödevata the most sustainable tourist facility in Sweden. We also strive for Ödevata to become a climate-positive place. Ödevata should contribute to a stable climate, not just cope with the current climate.

We achieve this through not only our sustainability projects, but also sharing our knowledge and experience with everyone who wants to know more. We want to inspire a sustainable lifestyle, so together we can make a bigger and more sustainable change.

Book your next holiday with us and we will give an inspiring study tour (about biochar and aquaponics) for the whole family.

There is also plenty of activities to do at Ödevata, such as hiking, cycling, fishing, sauna and canoeing. These activities are NOT included, but you can book them separately from our shop or send us an inquiry at checkout in “Order notes”.

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About the package

The price includes two nights stay in our family room at the country hotel for two adults and two children (under 18) and a study tour. Includes breakfast, but other meals are self-catering. You will have access to the shared kitchen in the country hotel.

During the 1.5 hours tour, we will give you an active insight into our two major sustainability projects:

– The Conservatory of the Future. A large isolated green house showcasing our aquaponics cultivation.
Aquaponics farm is a closed cultivation system where fish and vegetables are grown together. The fish fertilizes the plants and the plants purify the water for the fish. We also grow in our own biochar, which is a great growth supplement and fantastic filter system!

– Biochar production and usage. Ödevata are Sweden’s leading biochar ambassador, we produce and use biochar in several different ways.
Biochar is a valuable soil amendment, it can increase food safety in areas with low nutrient and water shortages. It also improves watering quality by retaining nutrients in the soil.

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Applies to children

Under 18

Extra bed in the family room

The extra bed is 190×70 cm

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