Eco-resort in Småland, South Sweden

Are you looking for an eco-resort in South Sweden?  At Ödevata Countryside Hotel offer green holiday accommodation. Our most loyal and returning guests highly value our work to achieve sustainability, quality, and hospitality. The latter are more than words to us. Rather, these words are cornerstones and a driving force behind all we do. 

Some guests are happy to request the same house or room every year while others ask for novelties. However, a main reason to return seem to be the beautiful surroundings.

Nevertheless, we know that many people are wondering about the dilapidated houses, the barracks on the right side of the road, which for 16 years have asked us for a facelift. Now almost all of them are renovated. The barracks has been turned into green holiday apartment hotel. We have used recycled materials and eco building practises.

We call our newest accommodation “ The family Axelsson’s green barracks “. You can now book an apartment in the our newest -oldest hotel-building.

History of our green building project-from decline to new through recycling.

My husband and I, Malin and Magnus Axelsson, bought Ödevata in 2005. The farm was dilapidated and abandoned by the previous owner. After a while, and one by one, the houses have been renovated and rebuilt. We also bought a couple of houses around the lake Ödevaten.

Today, the farm is an environmentally smart, complete tourist facility that maintains a high standard and has received several awards for its environmental work.

The barracks was once hosting inmates as Ödevata was previously a prison. The building has not been used for over 20 years. In 2021, we started our recycling project and dilapidated barracks will be a small and unique apartment hotel in the midst of nature.

Stay in our recycled apartment hotel, a real green holiday home

Each room will tell its story. Our goal is that when you live in an apartment in ” The Family Axelsson’s green barracks ” you should feel comfortable and perhaps curious to wonder and ask us – “that wallpaper, where did you find that Malin?” “

The result is different, and your experience will be unique, a memory for life.

The building process

Magnus and I make material choices to prioritize long-term sustainability. At the same time, we use construction techniques that put the environment first. 

The result is, like our other constructions, i.e., high quality and promote well-being. One difference is that perhaps you will not get white walls and ceilings. The wallpapers may not match, and the bathrooms may have other than white tiles.

Book a family apartment at Ödevata eco-resort in South Sweden

There are three family apartments of about 50 m2 each that you can book online. The apartments are located as in the same building. Everyone have their own patio at the back of the apartment. with beautiful lake views.

Each accommodation is unique. Malin was given free rein in one of the apartments. Feel free to ask for “Malin´s flat” when you book! Then she will be happy. Or maybe you are more curious about how Magnus has chosen to decorate his apartment?
If you like compromises book the last, but not the least, apartment. Here, the couple have carved out a solution together. Lively and exciting discussions took place during the dark winter months at the Axelsson´s residence. For more information about the apartments, see accommodation at

Nature a prerequisite in our green holiday accommodation

In addition to the scenic south Swedish environment that is already in place, you will be able to enjoy Ödevata’s future forest-garden which will be based on Permaculture design.Some evenings you sit in the forest garden, others you go out on the veranda outside the patio door and step almost straight out into Lake Ödevaten. Here you will also find a community outdoor kitchen that the apartment guests can use. Of course, it can also be wonderful to sit in the orangery a few evenings, experience the beautiful and still darkness here in the forest and look at the stars when the sky is clear

For those of you who are curious about the construction process and other similar recycling projects?

See our website for a description of the construction process, what materials we have used (e.g. showers) and the history behind the construction. You can also learn more about our others. Other similar recycling projects over the years. There were in total three such large dilapidated buildings at Ödevata four years ago. Two of them are now converted into our beautiful orangery with the aquaponic cultivation as well as our private home. Link to aquaponic cultivation.