Padel tennis courts in unique nature spots in south Sweden

Padel tennis a new folk sport

Padel tennis outdoors Sweden is a great idea Are you looking for a great travel occasion for you next holiday in Sweden? Perhaps you want to find the roads less travelled? Nevertheless, you need to find a convincing story line for the roundtrip in Sweden you are planning to do with your friends or family. If this is the case, I would recommend you to look for a quintessential Swedish trend, new or old , and start explore places. Trend to look out for is Padel, new phenomenon, and outdoors, a part of Swedish lifestyle.

The Padel as a sport has grown in popularity quickly and in a few years it has become a “new folk sport”.  Today there are paddle courts in smaller communities as well as in the cities. Many of them are run privately while some are run by another deep-rooted Swedish way of organising themselves i.e the Swedish Sport Associations.

The climate makes it hard to play outdoors in the winter.  Many clubs have indoor courts but  reopen their outdoor activity in the spring or early summer month with jest and eagerness to catch all the hours of light and the Swedish sun. Join the fun in some stunning outdoor locations.  The Paddle clubs outside the urban areas, are often small and local, and it is a perfect opportunity for you to contact a local and ask them if it is possible to join in or set up a date to play with a local. Just bring your racket and go for it. 

A Padel trip on your holiday in Sweden

Padel, is a racket sport with its origin in Spain and Latin Amerika. Apparently a similar game, a kind of mini tennis, existed in the 1920 on cruise ships. There you have it! It is a perfect holiday sport when you want to travel from port to port.

In Sweden the word is pronounced with a long first A- so paaaadel. 

If choose to play at the Padel centre with you can rent rackets. Book your court and racket online. However if you prefer outdoor community Padel courts run by a neighbour or sport association you would have to bring your own Padel rackets. In Sweden you can find well-stocked sport shops in most commercial centres. Google Intersport, Stadium or a tennis shop.

Start your Padel trip in Gothenburg and the Swedish West coast

Greater Gothenburg Region

You will be surprised when you start counting all the Padel centres in Sweden. For such a small population there are many of them. I still do not really understand how it is possible? For example , in the Greater Gothenburg region most municipalities would host several padel centres and courts. As you will see below many golf clubs, on the outskirts of the city, are evolving into full-fledge Swedish sport clubs and offer outdoor Padel courts.


However, if you are looking to play Padel in the very heart of the city of Gothenburg you can take a tram from the centre of Gothenburg to frihamnen, in English the free-port. This is historic neighbourhood is a testimony of Gothenburg´s role as a shipyard hub.

A new Gothenburg residential area is being formed e among hangars, piers and cranes. It is an area where industrial heritage and innovation and green living meets. You can swim in the outdoor pool in which the water is cleaned entirely without chlorine and the pool is developed to be socially and ecologically sustainable. you can also try a Swedish Sauna, right in the city centre. Here you can find Padel Arena Frihamnen ( indoor courts)

The Southern Archipelago of Gothenburg


Knarrholmen is one of the smallest populated island in the Southern Gothenburg archipelago with easy access from the ferry hub, Saltholmen. Summertime, you can play padel with view of the Southern Gothenburg Archipelago 

 The island hosts child-friendly beaches and on the restaurants you can find dining restaurant. 

Summer in Bohuslän, small fishing communities, stunning bays and crystal waters. 

Bohuslän is a much loved holiday destination in Sweden. Here you can find fashionable ports and small fishing communities turned into summer hot spots.


Fjällbacka is small coastal locality that is a popular summer resort for tourists looking for a beautiful seaside stay. The location is also known from the Swedish author Camilla Läckberg’s crime novels. Here you can find a beautiful sign mountain, a mysterious gorge, hiking trails and padel courts. Check out Fjällbacka Tennis &Padel.


Fiskebäckskil a location on the island of Skaftö has much to offer. Here you can find small boathouses, summer villas with verandas and decorated balconies and great hiking. The hiking and cycling trails and paths take you to beaches, nature spots and a Fiskebäckskils Padelcenter with outdoor courts in a beautiful setting.

The southern west coast and the beach dense region of Halland 

Onsala and Kungsbacka

Close to Gothenburg, only 20 minutes from Mölndal and Skanditrip Premiu motorhome station you arrive to Onsala, residential location situated in the bay of Kungsbacka. A great place for boat life and for padel, Vickan Padel Club with its seaside courts at the outdoor swimming and recreational site Vickans badplats.  


Travel further south and you will arrive to Halmstad and the popular seaside resort Tylösand. Close to the beautiful beaches you will find several outdoor courts such as Ringenäs Golfklubb, Halmstad Golfklubb, Strandtorp padel and Örjans vall. Still in the municipality of Halmstad but further south you will find Vilshärad Padel


Further south you reach the fashionable summer resort Båstad famous for its tennis sports and beaches. Check out Padelzenter in Norrviken, a location known for its beautiful gardens

Travelling to Blekinge, the Swedish South East Coast

You roadtrip along the Swedish south East Coast will be full of heritage, history, outdoors, the ocean, nature sites, lakes and nature reserves. Blekinge is the most southern Swedish region and is much less travelled than for example Halland and Skåne. It is Blekinge It is probably one of the most hidden gems in Sweden and on top of it, there are several outdoor Padel courts with oceanside views.

Karlskrona and Karlshamn

Some of the courts are in Karlskrona, the capital Karlskrona Tennisklubb and Trummenäs Padelcenter. In the city of Karlshamn you will find Carlshamn Padel, courts by the ocean, as well as reminicanse of the Swedish Emigration history.

Småland and the east Baltic Sea coast


On the Baltic Sea shores you should make a stop in the city of Kalmar. Due its location, it was a point of defence for Sweden and therefore is a fortified city. In the Strait of Kalmar, you will find as many as 5429 islands. In a small location outside Kalmar you can play Padel at BK, Rinkabyholm

Padel in Glasriket ( the Kingdom of Crystal)

Not far away from Kalmar you can play Padel in Nybro and Emmaboda. This is in the midst of Glasriket ( Kingdom of Crystal) with beautiful nature sites and industrial heritage and Glassworks.

Emmaboda is one of my favourite places I often return to due to the beautiful lakeside eco- resort Ödevata Countryside Hotel.