Upcycle European heritage and traditions

European Heritage, one clear tradition is to innovate

Upcycle European heritage and traditions is in line with the Swedish tradition to innovate. Some countries are more keen to let to go of the old than others, such as Sweden did for many years. Nevertheless, nowadays, there is a growing recognition that our heritage is important. However, we are looking to, at the same time, to innovate.

Is it possible to keep the core of one tradition and at the same time innovate? To gently make sure that the essentials are not lost. Can we find ways to renew or rather “upcycle” and by doing that preserve traditions for future generations?

I think that with the growing need for identity, innovation within the boundaries of searching for connection will be the outcome.

As I go in my quest to deepen my knowledge of my European heritage, a DNA test shows that I am 100% European, mostly East Europe, Scandinavia and a small portion Irish, For some time now I have had the need to reconnect to traditions. Nevertheless, I also have need to put my own “stamp” on important get-togethers and moments in my life. Through the Go Nature Trip network, I can continue my journey to discover, test and innovate. It is clear that I do not want let go of traditions, I just want to change them a bit and when applicable and desirable let in some new light.

One of the traditions that I have re-discovered is the Swedish Valborg or Walpurgis celebration. Together with GoNatureTrip we have created an alternative Valborg which we call Biochar Walpurgis. In the coming months we are also planning to test a new Swedish Christmas “Smörgåsbord” with less pork and more fish, from Ödevata ponds and Aquaponic greenhouse, and vegetable from the Ödevata gardens.

Voice in Spanish

The importance of bonfire in Europe 

In Sweden we have Walpurgis. We share the bonfire celebrations with other countries in Europe. However, I am often in Spain, More specifically in la “Comunidad Valenciana”. In the Valencia region the locals celebrate important traditions with bonfires and fireworks. The traditions also feature the Spanish history of turmoil, power struggles and identities being created.

In the spring and summer months you should go to “Fallas” (in Valencia) or Hogueras in Alicante (Fiestas de san Juan in Alicante). Festivities that began with burning up the old to make room for the new. It then developed into a folk festival where fire, political satire and fireworks come together for a few intense days. Not so environmentally friendly, but it creates a feeling of togetherness.

Spain is nowadays my second home. I have a house in Alicante but more important I have many dear friends and memories from the years I spent in Spain as a young woman. This is why I am also keen to learn more about Spanish traditions.

Biolko Valborg – Biochar Valpurgis

The idea was born as we the GoNatureTrip network gathered at Ödevata Countryside Hotels to talk about sustainability. We went from wanting to save the world to a more realistic stand, lets just meet and work togheter for the greater good. But in a small way.

Last year we added on the aspect of wanting to include other traditions, namely Ukrainian the Borshch soup and we wanted to plant trees, namely Chestnut trees. It all started with a visit from a friend Iwona. We both have roots in countries in the part of Europe that have had war, oppression and people on the run. We met up to join a family constellation session together. A therapy that starts from looking at your family system, usually one or a few generations back. The feeling of belonging to something bigger was grew stronger when we participated in a conversation about Quantum Physics and Love. None of us are physicists, but it was good to be reminded of the smallest components and mystery of life and how the universe sets processes in motion. Behind every particle there is life force and movement.

Walpurgis celebration with biochar – our take of the tradition

  • We burn the old to welcome the new – we combine tradition with innovation.
  • Let’s learn more about sustainability from different aspects focusing on biochar, vitality and social sustainability
  • Together we innovate and reinvent traditions
  • A weekend and day to focus on a common European value base/European heritage.
  • Every year we add something new that we want to test.