Ready-smoked Tilapia from aquaponics / kg

Price from: 350kr

Buy ready-smoked Tilapia for SEK 350 / kg.

Tilapia’s taste is mild and delicious due to their porous texture that absorbs the flavors around it and becomes one of the most popular fish on the market.

NOTE: Depends on availability. Only for our overnight guests. Maximum one fish per guest per night.

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Our smoked Tilapia is grown sustainably in our aquaponic system, no chemicals, which are located in our greenhouse. Tilapia is one of the most popular fish to grow in an aquaponic system because they are omnivorous. They eat plants, insects, algae, basically they eat a little of everything living in the system. They can also survive in different aquatic environments, which is perfect for a closed water system. Tilapia grows quickly and is effective in converting food into body mass, which makes the harvest time come faster. It can be said that this is a sustainable food production method.

The weight is for a gutted smoked Tilapia.

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