Do sports in Furudal Dalarna

Do sports Furudal Dalarna! Outdoor and resilience in one place. It is no secret that one of the most remote places in Dalarna, my village, can feel a bit “deserted” at times.

We have a  population of 500 people. Furudal is a popular but small destination. Especially in summer we are many more. We have a village center that you go through in 30 seconds. In Sweden we say “liten men naggade go” or the best things come in small packages. Below you will see why. 

My village is a perfect if you want to focus on training and outdoor. In Furudal you have everything from sandbanks to electric light trails. Why not jump into a canoe and cross the lake in the summers. Find the perfect place to take a swim? 

Furudal’s summer hockey school a perfect summer training camp.

Every summer since 1981, young hockey players from all over Sweden, come to participate in our hockey summer school. We have the ideal facility for teams to come and train. The facility includes accomadation with dining room and conference room. Then there is the ice rink with associated gym and mirror hall for indoor fitness training. Outside the ice rink there is an athletics track and an outdoor shooting tarp. The facility is mainly focused on managing hockey players. However, it is suitable for other sports. If you are looking to arrange a fotboll camp the soccer pitch is close to the village centre.  Other sports that have found out village are bandy. In addition, various figure skating clubs to have their own camps here.

Worth adding is that the player hotel is located right on the beach and has an associated volleyball court. Swim or enjoy a Swedish lake for water fun. There is a boat that can pull a rings or a banana boat behind it or take you to the other side of the lake.

Sites and outdoor in Furudal

For parents, pets, grandparents or sibling who want to come along to furudal and enjoy their own outdoor training camp there is plenty to do. For example, there are beautiful walks in an old-growht forest, golf at Furudal Bruk, trails and boules courts. In addition you can enjoy shopping, hiking to cultural sites such an old summer grazing farm and many other nature & cultural experiences. In the summer, of course, there is Skattungen and you can explore the Lake Siljan region

Lake Oresjön for those who want to swim or canoe. An electric light trail is also available which in winter turns into a ski trail.If you want to practice your orientation skills instead, there is a flora of paths around the whole area. If you just want to ride a bike, walk and discover my homeland there are nature reserves and scenic places that tell a story about the Ore countryside

Winter time sports in Furdal 

In the winter, the whole area is transformed and the lake you could paddle on can instead be a several mile long ride on long-distance skates. The electric light track becomes, as I said, a ski track and if you would rather stay inside, the gym on the ice rink is open to the public, the price is low compared to other commercial gyms.

Motor sports in Furudal 

Are you the one who prefers Motorsport? Cross and scooter are vehicles you are welcome to take with you to Furudal. In the middle of the village there is a dedicated gravel pit where vehicles of all kinds may play loose to the best of their ability. In addition, there is a similar “sand pit” a few kilometers away that is recommended for cross. Snowmobiling is in winter time on the lake and in winter there is a large selection of snowmobile trails for those who want to explore the frozen wilderness.

Sports and outdoor Furudal Dalarna – there is something definitely something for everyone here. As long as you do not allow yourself to be limited by your own imagination, the opportunities are endless for your training here in Furudal. Welcome!